SPL TwinTube Processor

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Tube effects processor designed to add harmonics and tube saturation.

At a glance

  • TwinTube's saturation effects are sonically comparable to the effects of tape saturation
  • SATURATION for more warmth and loudness; subtle to clear effects
  • HARMONICS for more presence and clarity without adding appreciable levels (as with EQs); moves signals to the front of a mix
  • Extremely versatile for all kinds of signals, such as vocals, acoustic guitars, drums, strings, brass etc.
  • Easy, intuitive interface and simple workflow
  • Boosts presence and spatial imaging without increasing overall dynamic range

The SPL TwinTube is a tube effects processor designed to add harmonics and tube saturation.

The SPL TwinTube features two independent stages that can be used simultaneously or separately. The Saturation stage distorts the signal by pushing the signal beyond the tube’s limits adding harmonic distortion, followed by limiting which resembles the sound of analogue tape distortion. The second stage is the harmonic stage uses a special circuit, which dynamically adds overtone processing to the signal across four frequency settings: 2kHz, 3kHz, 6kHz and 10kHz. This stage adds an increased presence adding air and bringing vocals and instruments forward in your mix.

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