SPL Vitalizer Mk3-T

Audio Exciter

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Boasting patented Vitalizer circuitry, it transforms audio productions with unparalleled clarity, depth, and a robust bass foundation. Its sleek design, complemented by precision controls and advanced features such as 'Bass Comp', 'Mid-Hi Tune', and 'Stereo Expander', ensures a rich, detailed sound. The innovative 'De-Masking' technology unveils intricate audio details, enhancing speech intelligibility and transparency. Constructed with high-quality materials and featuring superior connectivity options, the Vitalizer Mk3-T stands as a testament to SPL's commitment to acoustic excellence and enduring design, making it an essential asset for any professional audio setup.

At a glance

  • Patented Vitalizer Circuitry revitalizes audio for enhanced clarity and depth.
  • Modern black design with robust anodized aluminium front panel.
  • Operates at +/-18 V for refined sound quality.
  • Comprehensive sound shaping with multiple dedicated controls.
  • One-knob compressor for dynamic bass enhancement.
  • Sovtek 12AX7 tube for transparent mid-high frequencies.
  • Enriches stereo image and clarity using tube technology.
  • Brings out intricate audio details and transparency with De-Masking Technology.
  • Gold-plated Neutrik XLR and TRS jacks for optimal signal integrity.
  • High-grade steel housing and solid aluminium knobs for durability.

The SPL Vitalizer Mk3-T boasts the acclaimed Vitalizer circuitry, setting a new benchmark in sound design. Users can expect an enriched audio experience with heightened details, transparency, and a robust bass foundation, ensuring that productions, whether live or in the studio, resonate with unparalleled clarity and depth.

Elevated Aesthetics and Performance

Elevating its aesthetics and performance, the Vitalizer Mk3-T has transitioned from the classic golden robe to a sleek black design, aligning with the SPL Studio Series. Its internal audio voltage of +/-18 V ensures that this third-generation device meets and exceeds the high standards of sonic excellence SPL is known for, delivering an even more refined and detailed auditory experience.

Precision Control at Your Fingertips

Central to the Vitalizer Mk3-T are five meticulously crafted controls, each serving a unique purpose in shaping the sound. The 'Drive' control manages the input level into the filter network, offering a range from -20 dB to +6 dB, ensuring optimal signal integrity. An OVL LED acts as a sentinel, illuminating 3 dB before any potential overload, safeguarding the device's pristine sound delivery. Bass tones can be sculpted to perfection with the 'Bass Sound' control, choosing between 'Soft' for warm, velvety bass, or 'Tight' for a more percussive, contoured low-end response.

Advanced Bass and Mid-High Frequency Management

Furthermore, the device includes a 'Bass Comp' feature, an intuitive one-knob compressor dedicated solely to bass processing. This design leaves the original bass content unaltered while ensuring the high end remains vibrant, even under significant compression. The 'Mid-Hi Tune' control introduces a layer of finesse to the mid-high frequencies, employing a Sovtek 12AX7 double triode tube to deliver a transparent and enchantingly soft sound.

Enhanced Spatial Dynamics and De-Masking Technology

For spatial enhancement, the 'Stereo Expander' employs inter-channel phase principles to widen the stereo image, infusing the audio with a palpable sense of dimensionality. This feature, too, benefits from the warmth and harmonic richness of a Sovtek 12AX7 double triode tube, adding depth and clarity to the stereo field. The Vitalizer Mk3-T also excels in revealing the intricacies of audio through its 'De-Masking' technology. By adjusting the temporal perception of frequencies, this feature brings previously masked sounds to the forefront, enhancing the detail and transparency of the audio.

Superior Connectivity and Robust Construction

Regarding connectivity, the Vitalizer Mk3-T is equipped with Neutrik XLR and TRS jacks, boasting gold-plated contacts for superior signal integrity. The device's design also allows for versatile routing options, providing the flexibility to integrate seamlessly into any professional audio setup. A testament to its quality and durability, the Vitalizer Mk3-T features a robust construction with a 4 mm thick, black anodized aluminium front panel and solid-milled aluminium knobs. The housing, crafted from high-grade steel and finished in elegant black, ensures that the device is an auditory marvel and a visually stunning addition to any studio.

SPL's Commitment to Excellence

SPL's commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of the Vitalizer Mk3-T, from its meticulous design to its exceptional sound quality. Every component is chosen not just for its technical specifications but also for its contribution to the overall sonic experience, ensuring that this device not only meets but exceeds the expectations of the most discerning audio professionals.

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