Solid State Logic SSL Origin 16

16-channel Mixing Desk

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16-channel analogue mixing console with E-series 242 EQ, G-series mix buss compressor, PureDrive mic preamp and Analogue Layout Hybrid Workflow

At a glance

  • 16 mono in-line channels / 16 track busses / 8 stereo subgroups / total of 56 inputs at mixdown.
  • Same master section and monitoring options as 32 channel ORIGIN.
  • PureDrive™ mic pre inherits the clarity and purity of previous SSL Mic Pre designs, and can switch to a warm, harmonically rich and driven tone that varies with mic pre gain when the “Drive” function is activated.
  • Mix bus and mix amp architecture delivers an amazingly low noise floor, huge headroom along with SSL’s latest summing bus technology that retains the classic SSL sound while bringing the breadth and space to mixes.
  • Acclaimed SSL E-Series ‘242 type’ four-band parametric channel EQ.
  • Classic SSL Bus Compressor with sidechain access and HP filter.
  • Balanced Insert Point per Large Fader and Small Fader Channel Paths.
  • Dedicated Channel Direct Output make it easy to print mixes to the workstation.
  • Modern circuit designs and unique power management tools deliver ultimate reliability and low running costs.

The Solid State Logic Origin 16 is a 16-channel tracking and mixing console featuring the same intelligent hybrid workflows and unmistakable SSL sound quality as its bigger sibling.

The Solid State Logic Origin 16 brings all the best of its original inline consoles but integrates its analogue workflow with DAW-based productions. It includes fully-balanced electronic architecture and precision bargraph meters to ensure the ideal signal is sent to the AD converters. 

Furthermore, the modular centre section lets users configure their console to suit their needs: as a tracking console by adding additional mic preamps and compressors or as a mixing platform with DAW automation through the use of DAW controllers such as the UF8. 

The SSL Origin 16 uses their latest PureDrive mic preamps on each of the 16 channels that deliver anything from the ultra-clean sound associated with SSL consoles to a richer, warmer tone. This console includes the E-series 242 EQ and the built-in classic SSL Bus compressor with added sidechain and high-pass filter.

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