Solid State Logic SSL XL-Desk (Unloaded)

Analogue Studio Console

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24-input, 8 Buss Analogue Studio Console with 8 built-in VHD Preamps, 18 500 Series slots, SSL Stereo Bus Compressor

At a glance

  • 20 + 1 fader, over 40 input SuperAnalogue™ SSL console
  • 8-built in Variable Harmonic Drive (VHD) preamps
  • 16 dual input mono channels (switchable between main input or DAW return)
  • 4 stereo channels (switchable to mono for tracking)
  • The legendary Stereo Bus Compressor, with new high-pass filter sidechain
  • 18-slot 500 format rack built-in, accessible from channels or mix busses
  • In addition to a 500 rack insert each mono channel also has a standard insert point
  • 4 stereo Mix Buses with their own insert points and access to the 500 rack
  • One stereo and 2 mono aux sends. Two dedicated stereo return inputs
  • Direct outputs on every channel, stereo return and mix bus for stem printing
  • Fully-featured monitoring section with bass management
  • Foldback A and B with individual talkbacks for headphone mixes
  • Built in Listen Mic input + classic compressor circuit, with its own direct output
  • AFL and Solo-In-Place solo modes, with Solo Clear and Solo Safe (Protect) modes
  • Balanced D-Sub rear panel inputs/outputs & Front panel headphones & iJack sockets
  • High quality internal PSU

The Solid State Logic XL-Desk Analogue Studio Console updates the traditional 24 channels and eight buss analogue consoles with 500-series slots and an incredible set of features to benefit tracking and mixing engineers.

 The SSL XL-Desk includes 20 Channel Strips, 16 dual input mono and four stereo channels. Eight mic pres are included using SSL’s highly regarded VHD technology on their flagship duality console. The VHD mic preamps are designed to produce the clean sound associated with earlier SSL consoles, but using the Variable Harmonic Distortion circuit, it is possible to add a degree of analogue 2nd and 3rd-order harmonic distortion.

The Channel Strips of the XL-Desk deliver the flexibility that has made SSL consoles so popular with an in-line design which lets you switch between input and DAW return whilst tracking. While channels use the VHD mic pres, inputs 9-16 are line levels but can be made to use the 500-series rack for additional mic pres. Insert points are also included, allowing for additional hardware to be connected. Two aux sends can be switched to pre and post-fader, and two stereo aux returns are included to accommodate reverbs, delays or other processors. Finally, 100mm faders provide great hands-on control of the level.

Solid State Logic has graced the XL-Desk with 18 500-series slots to accommodate your favourite modules directly into the desk, allowing mixing different tonal characteristics or simply adding the Solid State Logic 500-series modules to give you that legendary big sound. All 16 mono channels on the XL-Desk can access their slot via an insert button named “500”. Slots 17 and 18 are hardwired to Mix A and are preloaded with SSL’s highly popular G-series Buss Compressor. 

The Four mix buses can also use slots 9 to 16 if the mono track channels are unused. The 500-series rack is not hardwired to the insert and return inputs and outputs, allowing for much more flexibility, especially when combined with a patch bay. The 500-series, as a result, can also be used as a standalone and features a dedicated power supply separate from the rest of the console.

The Four main Mix Busses, named A, B, C and D, can access the 500-series rack and include separate insert points for further processing. These four busses can be used in many different ways, from multi-buss processing techniques, subgroups or parallel techniques. All three B, C and D busses feature independent level controls and can be summed in bus A and processed by the G-series Mix Buss compressor.

The SSL XL-Desk includes a comprehensive monitoring section with Superanalogue technology, three stereo monitor connections, and a sub-connection. Monitor Source can be selected from Mix A, external rear input or front panel iJack input. A large Monitor Level control and Dim controls with dim level control are included, as well as a Cut button and AFL level control. A Talkback button, a Listen button with dedicated level control, and the infamous SSL Listen Mic Compressor are included.

The SSL XL-Desk provides engineers and producers with a truly analogue workflow and the superb sound associated with Solid State Logic. More immediate, distinct colouration and a wider soundstage are all the reasons for mixing outside the box. The X-Desk has taken this concept to its limit by including some of the features that have made SSL popular and some useful addition for hybrid systems.

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