Stager Microphones SR-2N Matched Pair

Stereo Ribbon Microphone matched pair

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Includes two ribbon microphones and stereo bar. Hand-built in Nashville providing a larger than life sound that belies its diminutive size

At a glance

  • Exterior Dimensions - 5 x 2 x 1.5 inches
  • Weight - 14.4 oz
  • Polar Pattern - Figure Eight
  • Proprietary Toroidal Transformer
  • 8ft Mogami cable attached
  • 0.6 micron ribbon thickness
  • Ball Joint Swivel Mount
  • Limited lifetime re-ribbon guarantee

The Stager SR-2N Matched Pair includes two Stager SR-2N ribbon microphones and a stereo bar for precise placement.

The Stager SR-2N is a ribbon microphone handbuilt in Nashville providing a larger than life sound that belies its diminutive size.

The Stager SR-2N uses a 0.6-micron large ribbon powered by neodymium motor and a toroidal output transformer in a simplified housing and mount. As a result, the SR-2N provides an incredible low-frequency with impressive punch, detailed midrange and the typical high-frequency roll-off associated with ribbon microphones. However, unlike classic ribbon microphones, the SR-2N manages to retain transient detail which flatters percussive sounds like drums and bright sound sources which will reduce the need for EQ.

 Use it up close to a guitar cab will yield superb low-end emphasis to your guitar or use two SR-2N as overhead microphones for a stunning three-dimensional sound. Every source will sound bigger and more beautiful.

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