Stager Microphones SR-3

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The Stager SR-3 Ribbon Microphone is a ribbon microphone combining the best qualities of the SR-1A and SR-2N to offer more output and a flatter frequency response.

The Stage SR-3 uses similar neodymium magnets like the ones used in the SR-1A to power a 1.8-micron large ribbon as well as Stager’s own toroidal transformer.

Stager's longest ribbon also serves to produce a huge soundstage and tighter low frequency and extended high frequency that brings out the detail of acoustic instruments. It also works wonders on guitars and bass amplifiers.

Stager SR3 Ribbon Microphone Main Features:

  • Neodymium Magnets
  • Huge Sound Stage
  • Internal Shockmount Iso System
  • Passive, high output design
  • Toroidal Transformer designed and made by Stager Microphones
  • Weight - 30oz.
  • Polar Pattern - Figure Eight
  • Ribbon Dimensions - 3” X 0.25"
  • 1.8 micron ribbon thickness
  • Machined Aluminum Body
  • Matched Pairs available
  • Made in Nashville, USA
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