Standard Audio Level-Or Dual MK2

JFET limiter / distortion processor.

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Dual-channel compressor with S/C LINK, IND, and CASCADE modes, a MIX control for blending wet and dry signals, a robust 19-inch steel and aluminium rack chassis, and a low-noise internal power supply compatible with 85-240VAC inputs.

At a glance

  • Dual-channel operation with three modes: S/C LINK, IND, and CASCADE
  • Enhanced control with a MIX knob for wet and dry signal blending
  • Housed in a robust 19-inch rack chassis made of steel and aluminium
  • Features a low-noise, stable internal power supply accepting 85-240VAC

The Standard Audio Level-Or Mk2 Dual is a 1U dual-channel compressor and distortion unit, marking the next stage in the evolution of the renowned JFET limiter circuit. This device stands out for its forceful compression and Class-A harmonic distortion. Taking cues from its 500-series predecessor, this model introduces several enhancements, including a stereo-linked compressor sidechain, a MIX control for fine-tuning wet and dry signal balances, and a unique CASCADE mode, which broadens its sonic capabilities. These innovations are encased in a durable 19" steel and aluminium rack chassis with a low-noise internal power supply.

Channel Configuration Options

The unit offers versatile channel operation modes. The S/C LINK mode synchronises the sidechains of both channels for cohesive stereo compression in LEVEL mode. Alternatively, the IND mode allows each channel to function independently. In CASCADE mode, the output of channel 1 feeds into the input of channel 2, facilitating serial processing on a single mono source.

MIX Control Functionality

The MIX control knob is crucial for adjusting the blend between the processed (wet) and original (dry) signals, enabling users to achieve the desired balance.

Robust Internal Power Supply

The internal power supply is specifically designed to ensure stable and quiet operation. It connects through a standard IEC cable and is capable of handling a universal input range from 85-240VAC.

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