Standard Audio Stretch

500 Series Processor

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The Standard Audio Stretch is a 500-series multi-band compressor module inspired by 1970s and 1980s noise reduction units. It emulates three versions of the Dolby Cat22 noise reduction system, offering unique multi-band compression. With four bands and seven combinations, it adds air, punch, and sub frequencies to vocals, drums, guitars, bass, synths, acoustic guitars, and strings. The module features an Engage button for true-bypassed circuit activation and a Mix Control for parallel processing. The Stretch provides a distinctive and unparalleled way to inject life and depth that EQ and compressors cannot replicate.

At a glance

  • Four frequency bands that are individually processed
    • LF Band: 20Hz - 110Hz
    • MF Band: 110Hz - 3kHz
    • HF3 Band: 3kHz - 20kHz
    • HF9 Band: 9kHz - 20kHz
  • Filter/Compression pushbutton: lets the user cycle continuously through 7 different filter combinations. Orange HPF and LPF front panel LEDs indicate the different combinations
  • 100% analog signal path
  • Highest quality, high reliability amplifier circuit design. High quality filter capacitors for filter stages
  • Engage pushbutton: Enables/Disables true hard-wired relay bypass circuit. Unit is engaged when pushbutton LED is lit
  • Filter/Compression pushbutton LED: Indicates when any of the active filter stages has reached 2dB of compression
  • Input Control: Allows the user to set the gain structure through the unit so that the desired amount of compression is occurring
  • Output Control: A post-mix circuit output level control allows the engineer to set the output level to DAW/Tape without altering the mix blend
  • Mix Control: Blend the Stretch signal in with the un-processed input signal to vary the amount of effect desired

The Standard Audio Stretch is single-slot 500-series multi-band compressor module inspired by noise reduction units from the 1970’s and 1980’s.

The Standard Audio Stretch emulates the sound of three modifications of the Dolby Cat22 noise reduction system in encode mode offering the unique multi-band compression if the past. Add air and sparkle to vocals, punch and bite to drums or guitars, add sub to bass or synths, sweeten and add air to acoustic guitars and strings. 

Stretch is extremely powerful and features no less than four bands (LF, MF, HF3, HF9) configured in 7 combinations accessible via the Filter/Compression push-button and indicated by the different orange HPF and LPF front panel LEDs. The Engage push-button activates the true-bypassed circuit. The Mix Control allows for parallel processing by reinjecting the unprocessed signal back in varying amount.  

The Stretch is truly unique and can inject life depth in a truly unique way that EQ, and compressors cannot replicate.

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