Studio Electronics 8106 Eurorack Filter Module

Roland inspired lowpass filter module

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Studio Electronics 8106 Eurorack Filter Module

The Studio Electronics 8106 is a Eurorack Filter Module, designed to emulate one of the most popular synthesizer filter circuits ever produced found in the Juno and Jupiter series of synthesizers from Roland.

8106 is based around the IR3109 and BA622 chips found in the Jupiter and Juno synthesizers, it features both low pass and high pass, plus 6dB and 24dB slopes with input and output attenuation for dialing in the perfect amount of drive pre or post filter.

Just like all other SE filters, the 8106 includes CV controllable frequency and resonance controls meaning there's even more control on hand for dialing in and crafting your desired sound. There's also switchable key tracking, available in full and half mode key tracking.

There's also a dedicated 6dB output which can be very handy for parallel processing if the main filter voicing is set to 24dB and you'd like to some extra overtones to your voicing.

An iconic filter voice, with a tonne of tone shaping options. The 8106 is a filter no Roland fan should be without.

The main features of the Studio Electronics 8106 Filter include

Multi-mode analogue filter

Designed to emulate the jupiter and juno series filter tones

CV control over frequency and resonance

Input and output attenuation

12HP wide

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