Studio Electronics Boomstar 5089 MK2 Analogue Synthesizer

Moog inspired semi modular analogue synthesizer

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Moog inspired semi modular analogue synthesizer

The Studio Electronics Boomstar range has become a firm favourite of synthesizer enthusiasts and musicians the world over, thanks to their premium build quality, sonic versatility and wide array of filter flavours available, each inspired by an iconic machine that’s been painstakingly reverse engineered.

Each Boomstar architecture is identical, they feature:

  • Two highly spec’d VCO’s that feature multiple waveforms, a sub oscillator, ring mod, sync and a ridiculous wide range
  • Oscillator cross-mod for weird and wonderful modulation and timbres
  • Digital LFO, with 9 waveforms, MIDI clock synchronisation for rhythmic effects
  • Two versatile envelopes with superb snap that can also loop to form LFO’s, they can also invert and envelope 2 can also be triggered by the LFO if desired
  • Diode based noise circuit for richer harmonics
  • Master overdrive for subtle saturation or sonic devastation
  • Dedicated filter FM and amp AM inputs plus a dedicated direct VCO output
  • And a unique filter topology which varies depending on the model, each of which has been meticulously reverse engineered and refined to give the exactly experience of the synth it seeks to emulate

The 5089 is Studio Electronics take on the legendary transistor ladder filter, a circuit that literally defined countless genres of music from funky RnB to industrial techno. Bob Moog’s circuit design placed transistors, arranged in a ladder formation.

Moogs design of a 4-pole resonant low pass filter just oozes character and charm, with plenty of ferocity in high resonance settings, with the ability to self oscillate if desired.

The 5089 is that signature old school Moog tone, just in a different coat.

The main features of the Studio Electronics Boomstar 5089 MK2 include

Semi modular analogue synthesizer

Two wide range oscillators

A unique filter topology, inspired by an iconic machine

Exotic wooden side panels

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