Studio Electronics Juno Omega Series Filter Board

Juno Filter Expansion For Code & Omega

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Studio Electronics Juno Omega Series Filter Board

Studio Electronics are well known for their reverse engineering of iconic filter circuitry, their designs have been praised highly by the synthesizer community and have been optimised for multiple formats, such as Eurorack, Boomstar and in their range of OMEGA and CODE series expansions.

The Juno / Jupiter filter from Studio Electronics , as its name insinuates emulated the filter topology of Roland’s iconic Juno and Jupiter series filters. Delivery that warm, deep “meow” that those legendary machines have become so well known for.

The CODE and OMEGA series synths are fully expandable and let you add in your preferred flavour of filter per voice, this particular expansion consists of a single Juno filters, which can be user fitted using the expansion ports on your OMEGA or CODE series voice cards.


The main features of the Studio Electronics Juno Omega Series Filter Board include:

  • Discreet filter card for your OMEGA or CODE synthesizer
  • Get the iconic sound of the Roland Juno and Jupiter series synths
  • User installable

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