Studio Electronics Midimini V30

Rackmount analogue synthesizer

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a recreation of Studio Electronics modern classic the MiniMidi, a three oscillator monosynth highly inspired by the Moog Model D

The Studio Electronics MiniMidi V30 is a re-imagined re-issue of SE's prolific Model D inspired monosynth, with a fresh livery and a whole new array of new features derived from their Boomstar range.

The original MiniMidi units were in fact legit Minimoog boards that many high profile clients we're asking to be converted to rack form and include on this omitted from the Model D's original design (1971-duh!) MIDI. When SE eventually ran out of these Model D boards, then instead designed their own range of discreet "inspired by" circuits to emulate the sonic characteristics or Dr Bobs wondermachine.

Fast forward 30 years and SE have re-issued this highly sought after monosynth, with a whole new host of modular connectivity on 3.5mm minijack, enhanced overdrive, ring modulation, MIDI learn capabilities and the LFO gate from Roland collab the SE02.

The discreet, through hole construction remains of course, this synth features three multi-wave analogue oscillators, that lush 24dB transistor ladder filter, two ADSR envelopes and an LFO, all layed out in the classic Moog style.

This synth delivers a staggering tonality which is hard to match with "other" clones, with a build quality and sound quality that is rarely seen and rarely experienced.

The main features of the Studio Electronics MiniMidi V30 include

  • Three oscillator analogue synthesizer
  • Synthesis architecture and circuits inspired by the Minimoog
  • 4U rackmount
  • Enhanced capabilties over the original minimidi
  • Discreet, hand-built masterpiece
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