Studio Electronics MIX4 Eurorack Mixer Module

Eurorack Mixer Module

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Studio Electronics MIX4 Eurorack Mixer Module

The Studio Electronics MIX4 is a simple 4-channel audio and CV mixer for modular synthesizer systems.

Mix4 is a high quality mixing solution for all of your audio and CV mixing duties, it includes four inputs, each with a dedicated attenuator, a master output and CV input for externally controlling the levels.

Mixers like this can be used for a wide range of applications aside form general mixing, for example; inserting a group of different waveforms into each input and modulating the levels can create unique sounds. 

A similar technique would be multiplexing, which requires the inputs to be modulated at audio rates simultaneously to create stacked, complex waveforms.

Or you could just use it to mix signals. An essential module for any serious system.

The main features of the Studio Electronics MIX4 Eurorack Mixer include

4-Channel CV and Audio mixer

Dedicated attenuators for each channel

CV inputs for level modulation

Create complex sounds and timbres with multiple waveforms

6HP wide

Requires 15mA

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