Studio Electronics Tonestar Eurorack Module

Complete Boomstar voice in eurorack format

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Studio Electronics Tonestar Eurorack Module

The Studio Electronics Tonestar is a complete monophonic synthesizer voice for the eurorack format.

Based on the Boomstar 4075, Tonestar provides all the essential components you'd find in your normal monophonic synth, but expands it's capabilities thanks to its modular architecture.

If you're looking for an easy way to get into modular, or if you're looking to expand an existing system with another dedicated synth voice, then you should check out the Tonestar.

The oscillator section includes three separate waveforms, which can be blended together or sub mixed to a single output. The Triangle waveform has a unique feature where it can routed away from the filter, allowing for a consistent low end signal even when filtering out the other waveforms.

This filter itself is the same filter circuitry found in the Boomstar 4075, which has been developed to emulate the sound on the original "pre lawsuit" filter of the ARP 2600. Raspy and gritty, the 4075 filter produces the fat and brash tones the 2600 is so well known for.

When it comes to modulation, Tonestar doesn't hold back or disappoint; you have of course 22 patch points, a dual waveform LFO, assignable ADSR, variable filter tracking, PWM plus a variety of audio rate modulation sources for deep FM possibilities.

Despite its dense feature set, Tonestar comes in at rather slender 32hp, perfect for a smaller setup or for larger systems that simply need another voice.

The main features of the Studio Electronics ToneStar Module include

Complete modular monophonic synthesizer voice

Filter circuitry based on the 4075 ARP 2600 architecture

Includes 22 patch points and wide array of modulation

32HP wide

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