Studio Electronics ToneStar 8106 Complete Synth Voice

Complete Boomstar voice in eurorack format

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Studio Electronics ToneStar 8106 Complete Synth Voice

The Studio Electronics ToneStar 8106 is a Complete Synth Voice in a single Eurorack module; it includes all the essential elements for building classic subtractive tones without the need for any external modules.

Just like its predecessor the ToneStar 2600, the ToneStar 8106 packs a powerful subtractive synthesis architecture into its 32HP panel space, though instead of offering an ARP 2600 inspired VCF, Studio Electronics have decided to emulate the filter topology of the iconic Jupiter and Juno synthesizers, more specifically the Roland IR3109 chipset.

As you'd expect from a filter that seeks to embody that sound, it's all about the squeal and chirps. There are two filters onboard a 6dB high pass and a 24dB low pass with full resonance controls, a dedicated overdrive and independent depth controls for the LFO and envelope modulation. There's also variable key tracking for the filter for sculpting your perfect sound.

When it comes to the oscillator section, you get the same high quality VCO circuitry found in the Omega, Oscillations and other SE synthesizers. This circuit is well known for its big, open sound, high output and impressive stability, when you think of the sound of an American VCO, the SE VCO circuit is what you're hearing in your head.

The 8106 comes equipped with a multi-wave VCO with noise plus with a dedicated sub octave output, there's also PWM and frequency modulation and one of the most unique tools found on this module, a triangle wave filter bypass switch, which when engaged lets the triangle wave go straight to the VCA, meaning you can keep your low end in your mix even with high resonance filter settings.

Capturing the essence of that legendary Roland filter voicing’s and throwing a whole load of functionality on top, the 8106 is a perfect voice for any modular system.

The main features of the Studio Electronics ToneStar 8106 include

Complete synthesizer voice

Filter Topology inspired by the Jupiter and Juno synthesizers

Includes 27 pots, 21 jacks and 6 switches...plenty to play with

Huge sounding SE VCO core

Dual filter design with overdrive and feedback controls

32HP wide

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