Studiologic SL88 Grand MIDI Controller Keyboard

88-Note MIDI Controller Keyboard

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Studiologic SL88 Grand MIDI Controller Keyboard

The Studiologic SL88 Grand represents 30 years of innovation and technical excellence, culminating in a powerful yet simplistic MIDI controller.

SL88 Grand features a completely redesigned graded hammer action touch system, with real wood and ivory touch keys. This system provides an expressive and incomparable playing experience.

Even with all the hammer action technology under the hood, the SL88 Gran weighs in at just 21KG's, which is a relief for any gigging musician.

Located in the center of the instrument is a razor-sharp TFT color display. In combination with the high quality six-way controller knob, you can navigate through all SL88 Grand functions fast and with ease. 

The SL88 Grand offers three X/Y stick controllers, not just for performance but also for direct control and manipulation of any desired sound parameter. 

With the innovative Magnetic Rail System at the rear of the SL88 Grand you can easily adapt a note stand or an extension plate to hold your written notes, music, laptop or tablet.

The main features of the StudioLogic SL88 Grand include

Premium 88 note MIDI controller

Top tier graded hammer action

Triple switch detection system

Weighs just under 21kh

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