Studiologic Sledge 2.0 Polyphonic Synthesizer

Polyphonic Synthesizer

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The Studiologic Sledge 2.0 is a powerful polyphonic virtual analogue synthesizer.

The Studiologic Sledge 2.0 is a powerful polyphonic virtual analogue synthesizer. Sledge neatly blends together a traditional synthesizer layout, with a powerful VA engine whilst integrating sample synthesis into the mix.

The voice architecture of Sledge is very diverse and offers a lot of sonic qualities. 

SLEDGE features three independently controllable oscillators, each with multiple waveforms, PWM, FM, Sync, Detune and Fine Tune. 

Oscillator one also offers Waldorf's' renowned wavetable wavetable synthesis, with waveforms taken directly from the Microwave and PPG. Sample can replace the standard oscillator functions, allowing for a unique mix of both traditional synthesis and sample synthesis.

Sledge also offers a rich modulation capabilities. Two multi-wave LFO's with independent depths can control up to 6 parameters including oscillator pitch, PWM and FM and filter cut off.

The Mod wheel also serves as a third modulation source, it can to be applied to any of the six destinations mentioned above.

Sledge features a powerful multi-mode filter with three operable modes,two slopes and a dedicated envelope. The filter also features dedicated key tracking control and a drive section for adding warmth and dirt into your signal.

Two DSP based effects processors provide flanger, chorus, phaser, reverb and delay effects for fattening up and polishing your final sound.

Another noteworthy function is that all pots on the front panel send MIDI CC coupled with the FATAR keybed make sledge and excellent choice as a MIDI controller for your VST's.

Sledge looks like a traditional analogue synthesizer, but under the hood lurks a complex digital architecture with lots of synthesis power and flexibility.

The main features of the StudioLogic Sledge Digital Synthesizer include

Neatly blends together a traditional synth layout with VA and sample synthesis

Three oscillator structure with FM, PWM and wavetable capabilities

Multi-mode filter with dedicated drive and envelope

61-Note synth action keybed

Each pot sends MIDI CC

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