StudioRacks 12u Angle Faced Rack


12u Angle Faced Rack.

The StudioRacks 12u Angle Faced Rack is ingeniously designed to offer convenient viewing and easy access. This rack can also be made mobile when needed.

These racks come fully assembled and are equipped with steel front rack strips, thoughtfully set back approximately 12mm from the front edge. Depending on your preference, they can be fitted with either castors for mobility or adjustable levelling furniture glides for stability. The rear section of the rack is predominantly open, providing flexibility for various setups.

For secure mounting, the StudioRacks 12u uses M6 cage nuts and bolts, ensuring your equipment stays firmly in place.


  • Height: 12U, with options for either 660mm or 690mm (with castors).
  • Depth: The base depth is 500mm, while the top depth varies based on the rack's height and your specific requirements. Typically, a 10-degree angle from the vertical position results in a depth of 410mm for a 12u rack and 380mm for a 16u rack.

The overall width of the StudioRacks 12u Angle-Faced Rack is 534mm, making it an ideal choice for a variety of studio setups.

To suit your aesthetic preferences, these racks are available in two finishes: real wood veneered board or solid pine. The real wood veneers in stock include oak, ash, maple, sapele, steamed beech, cherry, or walnut, ensuring a stylish and sophisticated appearance.

With its innovative design and premium materials, the StudioRacks 12u Angle Faced Rack offers a perfect solution for your studio equipment needs, combining functionality with an elegant touch.

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