StudioRacks 18u Straight Faced Rack

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18u Straight Faced Rack.

The StudioRacks 18u Straight-Faced Rack is a clever storage solution that seamlessly combines functionality with an elegant design. Going beyond conventional storage, this standalone rack offers ample space for your equipment, accompanied by the choice of effortless mobility, enhancing its adaptability to your evolving needs.

Delivered fully pre-assembled, this rack features sturdy steel front rack strips, strategically positioned approximately 12mm recessed from the front edge. Your preference for smooth mobility with castors or unwavering stability through adjustable levelling furniture glides is accommodated. The open-backed design simplifies accessibility and cable management, ensuring an organized setup.

For those seeking a touch of sophistication, including frameless glass doors through special order is available for select sizes, adding a layer of refinement to your arrangement.

Installation of your equipment is simplified, thanks to the inclusion of M6 cage nuts and bolts, guaranteeing a secure setup that instils confidence.

Customization is effortless, with dimensions tailored to your needs:

  • Height: 18u
  • Depth: 500mm (custom depths can be arranged upon request)
  • Width: 534mm overall

The StudioRacks 18u Straight Faced Rack boasts a variety of finishes, including genuine wood veneered board or solid pine. Real wood veneer choices encompass oak, ash, maple, Sapele, steamed beech, cherry, or walnut. This array empowers you to seamlessly integrate the rack into your existing decor, fostering a space of unity and style.

Elevate your studio's equipment organization and housing with the exceptional StudioRacks 18u Straight-Faced Rack. A harmonious blend of practicality, style, and adaptability sets the stage for an elevated studio experience.

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