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Vocal Production Software

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Vocal production software with SmartAlign, Shaper Tool, SmartPitch, automatic matching, vibrato editing, process grouping, De-Esser, and Formant Shifting, all designed to optimise your vocal production workflow and enhance the quality of your vocal tracks.

At a glance

  • Tighten vocal stacks with SmartAlign
  • Transparent pitch correction with the Shaper Tool
  • Create natural-sounding vocal doubles
  • Advanced pitch, time, and level editing
  • SmartPitch for intelligent pitch matching
  • Seamless automatic matching of vocal traits
  • Natural vibrato editing
  • Unified control with Process Groups
  • Effective sibilance management with the De-Esser
  • Timbre modification with Formant Shifting
  • Fast integration with DAW via Link and Quick Plugins
  • ARA2 compatibility for instant audio transfer

Syncro Arts Revoice Pro 5 is the ultimate all-in-one vocal production solution, catering to professionals seeking to enhance their vocal editing and production processes. This software optimises your workflow, freeing more time to concentrate on creative details. Achieve seamless vocal matching and perform precise edits with ease.

Vocal Alignment Perfection with SmartAlign

SmartAlign, an advanced vocal alignment technology embedded in Revoice Pro 5, drastically reduces editing hours by aligning vocal tracks with unmatched accuracy. This feature allows you to tighten vocal stacks and customise the alignment strength, tailoring it to the specific needs of each project for a tight, professional finish.

Unrivalled Pitch Correction and Vocal Tuning

Experience the most transparent and advanced pitch correction with Revoice Pro 5. Our innovative Shaper Tool and the groundbreaking SmartPitch feature ensure precise vocal tuning. SmartPitch matches your vocal doubles and harmonies and intelligently determines when adjustments are needed to maintain the natural quality of your vocals.

Authentic Vocal Doubling

The state-of-the-art vocal doubler tool in Revoice Pro 5 allows you to effortlessly create genuine-sounding vocal doubles. Whether you missed capturing a double in the studio or want to enrich your vocal tracks, this tool provides complete control to craft the perfect vocal layers.

Advanced Editing for Pitch, Time, and Level

Enhance your vocal tracks with our sophisticated editing tools:

  • Shaper Tool: Gain ultimate control over your pitch correction with automatically added Shape Points on your pitch or level curves.
  • SmartPitch: Intelligently understands when to match or maintain the pitch of your vocal performances.
  • Automatic Matching: Transfers pitch, timing, vibrato, and volume inflexions seamlessly from one track to another.
  • Vibrato Editing: Modify the length and speed of vibrato naturally without impacting other vocal qualities.
  • Process Groups: Group multiple processes together for unified parameter adjustments through a single panel.
  • De-Esser: Manage sibilance effectively with our level display for pitched and unpitched notes.
  • Formant Shifting: Alter the timbre of your performance through formant shifting without changing the pitch.

Supercharged Workflow with DAW Integration

Revoice Pro 5 offers lightning-fast workflow integrations:

  • Link Plugins facilitate audio capture in your DAW, allowing seamless transfers to and from Revoice Pro 5.
  • Quick Plugins exclusive to Pro Tools offer instant access to matching and doubling capabilities without leaving your DAW.
  • Compatibility with ARA2-enabled DAWs ensures swift audio transfers, enhancing your overall production efficiency.

What’s New in Revoice Pro 5

Jam-packed with the latest pitch editing technology, Revoice Pro 5 introduces time-saving features such as SmartPitch, which discerns the perfect moments for matching or maintaining doubles and harmonies. Enhanced connectivity with your DAW streamlines the vocal processing workflow, enabling you to leverage Revoice’s capabilities directly within your DAW environment.

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