Tasty Chips GR-1 [Black Special Edition]

Groundbreaking granular synthesizer

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Polyphonic Granular Synthesizer built on Raspberry PI architecture, it provides a seamless workflow for sampling, mangling and playing audio in a variety of interesting and unique ways, with full polyphony.

At a glance

  • Special Edition in Black
  • 11 voice polyphonic granular synthesizer
  • 128 grains per voice
  • 4 part multitimbral
  • MIDI and USB input for note input
  • Supports USB hard drives
  • Quad core ARM Cortex-A running optimized Neon SIMD code
  • 12dB digital lowpass filter

The Tasty Chips GR-1 is a Polyphonic Granular Synthesizer which allows you to import an audio file, scan through it and play that particular slice of audio, polyphonically.

The GR-1 is built around a Raspberry PI and it features super high quality 800 x 480 pixel, 7" TFT true colour display, which makes editing, tweaking and morphing your sound a pleasure. Its form of synthesis lends itself particularly well to soundscapes, pads, drones and textures, though it is perfectly at home making glitches, percussive tones and bass sounds.

As mentioned before, the GR-1 runs on a custom Raspberry PI, which makes for very smooth and effortless workflow and makes the UI incredibly responsive and lag-free.

When it comes to modulation there's plenty on offer;

  • Two assignable CV inputs at 0-5 volts
  • Two multi-wave LFO's with controllable cycles and direction
  • ADSR envelope for controlling aspects of the waveform
  • Plus much more in the config section

GR1 provides 11 voice of full polyphony, with a maximum of 128 grain per voice, meaning very dense and complex timbres can be generated with ease.

Loading samples is really easy and fast, either take them from the onboard memory or from a USB hard drive, which can be directly connected to the synth.

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