Taytrix 9 Piece Gobo Package

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9 Piece Gobo Package lightweight and stackable, versatile and easy to assemble, stack and store

At a glance

  • 1x PP30 Window panel
  • 5x FP30 panel with fabric on both sides
  • 3x FP15 half-height panels with fabric on both sides
  • Lightweight, yet sturdy
  • Easy to assemble, stack and store
  • Round edges allow you to set gobos at virtually any
  • Available in full or half-sizes which allow you to stack to
    your desired height
  • Interlocking tops and bottoms; joined with clips for
    heightened stability
  • Decorative fabric covers come in a choice of five colors;
    Blue, Green-weave, Deep Burgundy, Slate or Rose-weave
  • Available in custom heights (contact us for specifications)

The Taytrix StackIt Gobo System are lightweight and stackable Gobos designed to partition your studio room and isolate different sound sources avoiding unwanted sound leakage or spill in other microphones.

The Taytrix StackIt 9-piece Gobo package contains 9 different panels that can be assembled in one microphone booth or several screens to minimise leakage between different sources. The package includes one 30" window panel (PP30), five 30" panels covered in fabric (FP30) and three 15" panels covered in fabric.

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