Taytrix Gobo CP15

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15” high Gobo wood panel offering a choice between absorption or reflection.

The Taytrix StackIt CP15 is a lightweight and stackable Gobo designed to reduce unwanted sonic leakage.

The Taytrix StackIt CP15 is a 15” high, 48” wide and 8inches deep panel with one side made of maple wood reflecting the sound away. Great to reject unwanted sound, the Maple side can also be used to increase reflection in a dead room while recording acoustic guitars for example adding a bit of life in a sterile room.

Taytrix StackIt CP15 Gobo features:


  • Easy to assemble, stack and store
  • Round edges allow you to set gobos at virtually any
  • Available in full or half-sizes which allow you to stack to
    your desired height
  • Interlocking tops and bottoms; joined with clips for
    heightened stability
  • Decorative fabric covers come in a choice of five colors;
    Blue, Green-weave, Deep Burgundy, Slate or Rose-weave
  • Available in custom heights (contact us for specifications)

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