Taytrix Gobo PP15

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£500.00 ex VAT
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15” high Gobo window panel designed for singers musicians to see through

The Taytrix StackIt PP15 is a lightweight and stackable Gobo designed to reduce unwanted sonic leakage.

The Taytrix StackIt PP15 is a 15” high, 48” wide and 8inches deep panel with plexiglass window. Ideal for studios recording musicians together but require some degree of separation.

Taytrix StackIt PP15 Gobo features:

  • Easy to assemble, stack and store
  • Round edges allow you to set gobos at virtually any
  • Available in full or half-sizes which allow you to stack to
    your desired height
  • Interlocking tops and bottoms; joined with clips for
    heightened stability
  • Decorative fabric covers come in a choice of five colors;
    Blue, Green-weave, Deep Burgundy, Slate or Rose-weave
  • Available in custom heights (contact us for specifications)

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