Teegarden Audio Magic DI

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Sophisticated, transformerless, active DI device, offering exceptional headroom and minimal distortion for pristine sound quality. Versatile in handling various input levels, it's specially optimized for acoustic guitars and stringed instruments, but also excels with keyboards and bass guitars, embodying a blend of simplicity and sonic excellence.

At a glance

  • All Discrete Design
  • Transformerless Balanced XLR Output
  • +48v Phantom Powered
  • 2 Thru Outputs - Active Buffered 
  • 1/4" Input Jack
  • High Pass Filter (Low Cut) -3dB Corner @ 50 Hz, -10dB @ 20 Hz
  • -20 dB Pad
  • Ground Lift
  • Hand Built in the USA
The Teegarden Audio Stereo Magic DI, crafted by the creators of the renowned Fatboy Tube DI, is a transformerless, balanced, active direct injection device engineered to deliver unparalleled headroom, minimal distortion, and immaculate sound quality. This unit handles input levels ranging from passive guitar pickups or piezo transducers to line-level signals from consoles or preamps (-40dBu to 0dBu). Optimised to shine with acoustic guitars and stringed instruments, the Stereo Magic DI also performs exceptionally well with keyboards and bass guitars. It's the epitome of purity, simplicity, and auditory enchantment.

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