Teegarden Audio PPC-125 Medium Diaphragm Condenser (Matched Pair)

Medium Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

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High-quality transformer-less electret condenser microphone featuring a 25mm unidirectional electret capsule for warm, natural sound reproduction. Designed and tested in Nashville, TN, it incorporates Pure Path Condenser technology by Stephen Mills for clean audio output and a unique housing design for improved off-axis response and reduced feedback. Each unit is meticulously tested for sensitivity and frequency response, ensuring professional performance. Made in the USA, Teegarden Audio focuses on providing precision and quality in professional microphones at a competitive price.

At a glance

  • All Discrete Design
  • Transformer-less Balanced
  • Tight production tolerances
  • Larger (in class) 25mm Diaphragm
  • Wide dynamic range (no pad needed in most cases
  • Wide Smooth Frequency Response
  • Proprietary PPC (Pure Path Condenser™) Technology
  • Durable, Consistent, and Reliable
  • Hand Built and Tested in the USA

The Teegarden Audio PPC-125 (Matched Pair) is a pair of transformer-less electret condenser microphones meticulously crafted for professional and semi-professional recording and sound reinforcement.

The Teegarden Audio PPC-125 features a 25mm unidirectional electret capsule, carefully selected for its warm tone, reminiscent of large-diaphragm vocal microphones, and its ability to reproduce the high frequencies of acoustic instruments naturally. Crafted, assembled, and rigorously tested in Nashville, TN, each capsule undergoes stringent testing to ensure optimal sensitivity and uniform frequency response. The final product is compared against a calibrated laboratory standard instrumentation microphone to guarantee consistent response and sensitivity across each unit.

This microphone ensures an uncoloured, pristine path from the capsule to the output using a unique electronic circuit designed by Stephen Mills, known for his Pure Path Condenser “PPC” technology. The design of the housing stands out, providing an expansive open area behind the capsule, which is not common in this microphone class. This design choice produces a uniform off-axis response, yielding a smoother sound and reduced feedback, particularly from sharp high-frequency peaks.

Furthermore, the screen material used in the housing is carefully chosen for its effective shielding capabilities and transparency across the audio frequency range of 20-20kHz. Proudly manufactured in the USA, Teegarden Audio is committed to delivering high precision, superior quality professional microphones at a competitive price, catering to the needs of the audio community.

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