Teenage Engineering 400 Modular Synthesizer

Three Oscillator Modular Synthesizer

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DIY three oscillator modular synthesiser with fully analogue signal path, 16-step sequencer and Eurorack compatibility

The Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Modular 400 is a mammoth three oscillator modular synthesiser which....you build yourself from flat pack module boxes, cool eh?

Teenage Engineering have always been known for making quirky and charming synths, from the iconic OP1, to the micro powerhouse OPZ through to their revolutionary pocket operator series, their new modular lineup whilst it could be seen as “getting in on the action”, actually delivers on the companies design ethos without compromising the sound quality or tactile pleasure you get from interacting with a modular system.

The 400 is the flagship in the range, sure you have to build it yourself, but isn’t the fun of modular? The system comprises of multiple modules but the sound generation is built upon three wide range multi-wave analogue oscillators and two filters, all controlled by an onboard 16 step sequencer.

The Teenage Engineering modular systems run on eurorack standard voltages, so one volt per octave for pitch CV and five volt gates, meaning it’s fully compatible and expandable with the literal tens of thousands of modules that exist in euro world.

Building the system itself is super easy, the required tools are provided and it should take you no longer than 25 to 30 mins to build yourself a super powerful and very configurable modular system.

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Modular 400 Main Features:

  • DIY modular synthesizer
  • Assembled from flat pack boxes
  • Fully analogue signal path
  • 400 system includes a speaker and 16-step sequencer
  • Fully compatible with eurorack voltage standards
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