Teenage Engineering OP-1 field

Portable digital synthesizer

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The Teenage Engineer OP1 is a unique polyphonic digital synthesizer, with multiple synthesis engines, sampling capabilities, 4 track recording and powerful effects processing power.

At a glance

  • Highly portable synthesizer, sampler and drum synth
  • Integrated USB-C audio interface
  • Four-track, 32-bit stereo tape recorder
  • Deep stereo sampling engine with zoom-in function
  • Unique ‘tape’ recording – up to eight tapes in total
  • Stereo drum machine with dbox drum synth for creating sounds from scratch
  • Seven sequencer including arpeggio
  • Eight stereo effects (can also be applied to master output)
  • Built-in speaker with improved bass performance
  • FM radio receiver and transmitter – sample sounds from the radio
  • Accelrometer and gyroscope
  • MIDI over Bluetooth LE
  • 24-hour rechargeable battery

The Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field is a powerful update to the highly popular OP-1 portable synthesizer with over 100 new features including a thinner body, MIDI over Bluetooth, USB-C, a new and improved speaker system and additional synth and FX engines.

Reworked and Refined

 The Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field takes on where the previous iteration left off and updates it with the latest technology to offer the highest technology. It now includes a new stereo sample engine and true stereo throughout the entire signal chain. 

The OP-1 Field now includes a new four-track recording with new recording formats: Studio 4-track, Vintage 4-track, Porta and Disc Mini. Each four-track also includes up to 8 tapes or discs characteristics. 

New, Thinner Body

In addition to the feature set, the OP-1 Field sees a new physical redesign, including a thinner and lighter body. Despite the thinner body, the OP-1 field features a greatly improved battery now offering operations up to 24 hours and a dual 2.4GHz antenna system for wireless connectivity to other devices such as the OP-Z and TX-6.

At the back are two velcro rings that can be used to attach the OP-1 field atop other synths or on a guitar, or attach covers and accessories. the back panel also includes an additional passive loudspeaker that greatly increases the bass response.

Part of the Field System

The OP-1 Field is the second product in Teenage Engineering's new field ecosystem that includes the TX-6 portable mixer. Compatible with both iOS, macOS et Windows, the field eco-system offers an incredibly powerful, portable and battery-powered recording and music creation system.

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