Teenage Engineering OP-Z

Portable synth and performance instrument

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Portable synth and performance instrument

The Teenage Engineering OP-Z is portable synth and performance instrument that's the long awaited spiritual successor to the critically acclaimed and much loved cult classic, the OP-1. OP-Z features sixteen full tracks of audio, video and sample sequencing and virtual tape recording, with a rich array of real time and modulation capabilities, that go way deeper than you'd expect a machine of this size to achieve.

Each of the 16 tracks features its own sequencer and controls for precision sound shaping, each track can run up to 256 steps for complex sequencing, letting you build full tracks and performances that are both intricate and unique.

Brand new to the OP-Z are components, these are a secondary set of sequencing tools that operate separately to note information, they allow for complete parameter changes per step, but they go way deep than just changing a sound setting per step.

Components inject variation, randomisation and much much more into a sequence, so gone are the repetitive 16-step sequences and welcome a pocket synthesizer with complexity.

The tracks are as follows: kick, snare, percussion, sampler, bass, lead, arpeggio, chords, FX slot 1, FX slot 2, tape, mixer, midi, cv & trig, light, and finally motion. Each of the tracks have their own unique parameters, sequencing and sequence length.

One of the big things that people loved so much about the OP-1 was it's vivid, comically animated display, which provided unique visual feedback in relation to the sound you were working with at the time. OP-Z may lack a screen, but when connected to the OP-Z iOS application, you are welcome to a world beautiful visualisations, you don't have to connect the OP-Z to an external screen to use it, but it's quite nice to do so.

Speaking of visuals, the OP-Z has a powerful video sequencer and synthesis engine on-board, meaning you can build visuals along with your music. You can drag and drop your own visuals into the system to create stop motion films and other visual effects.

The main features of the Teenage Engineering OP-Z

  • 16-track portable synthesizer and composition tool
  • Each track has it's own sequencer and sequence length
  • Connected to an iOS device for display output
  • Onboard microphone for sampling and effects
  • DMX light sequencing

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