Teenage Engineering Oplab Module

Adds a wealth of sync options and connections to OP-Z

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Adds a wealth of sync options and connections to OP-Z

The Teenage Engineering Oplab Module also known as the ZM-1 is an expansion for the OP-Z that gives you connectivity for integrating with almost any format of synthesizer.

The original OP LAB was a standalone, experimental ecosystem for integrating the OP-1 with a wealth of external equipment, the new simplified Oplab Module for the OP-Z gives you four minijack connectors, giving switchable sync options and CV and Gate connectivity.

Oplab module simply plugs into the bottom of the OP-Z, and gives you three switchable sync options for the sync inputs and outputs, meaning the OP-Z can now speak to MIDI, sync to trigger or sync to analogue clock, with all sync options freely switchable on the fly.

For those who use a computer free DAW-less setup, this will be a god send, as it means you can easily use your OP-Z and sync it to MIDI clock and control your external gear from one source.

The main features of the Teenage Engineering Oplab Module include:

Sync and control expansion card for the OP-Z

Adds multiple sync options and CV / Gate to your OP-Z

User install-able, easily switchable between clocking modules

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