Telefunken DC6 Drum Microphone Pack

6 Microphone Drum Kit Mic Set

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High-quality drum microphone pack including 1xM82, 1xM80-SHB, 2x81-SH and two M60 FET. Comes in a Hard shell case with all mounts and 5m XLR cables

The Telefunken DC6 Drum Pack is a high-quality microphone bundle designed for drum recording and live performance.

The Telefunken has packed together four of its TEC Award Winning Dynamic series including the M82 for kick drum, M80-SHB for snare and two M81SH for toms as well as two of its highly popular M60 FET small diaphragm condenser microphone with cardioid capsules to use as overheads or cymbals.

The M82 kick drum microphone is a large diaphragm end address dynamic microphone with two EQ switches providing four different unique voices. The Kick EQ switch adds a passive filter to reduce some of the lower midrange frequencies while the High Boost switch tilts the upper midrange and high frequencies to allow extra detail.

The M80-SHB is designed to be used on snare drums or vocals and uses the same circuit as the M80 Standard in a smaller body. The high SPL handling and wide frequency with subtle high end rise make it perfect for snare drums.

The M81-SH provides minimal proximity effect and superior  feedback rejection and detailed mid-range and a wealth of body and clarity ideal for capturing toms, percussions and horns.

The M60 FET is Telefunken’s first solid-state condenser microphones and a natural fit for overheads and cymbal microphones. It boasts a surprisingly full low end as well as fast transient response with a smooth presence peak at 8kHz providing incredible detail, precision and clarity.

The Telefunken DC6 ships with a heavy-duty flight case and includes different drums mounts and 5 metre XLR cables with one angled side. 

Telefunken DC6 Drum Mic Pack Main Features:

  • 1x M82 with M782 mount
  • 1x M80-SHB with M784 (metal) and M785 (plastic) mount
  • 2x M81-SH with M784 (metal) and M785 (plastic) mount
  • 2x M60 FET with M760 elastic mount
  • 6x SGMC-5R five-meter XLR with right angle female connector
  • 1x HC80 Hard Shell Flight Case

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