Telegrapher Elephant (Pair)

Active subwoofer

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$8,756.00 ex VAT
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High-performance subwoofer that combines a built-in amplifier, sealed enclosure, and all-analog design to deliver deep, precise, and warm bass, available in five beautiful colours with a premium matte finish, providing an immersive and engaging listening experience.

At a glance

  • High-performance, sealed analog active subwoofer
  • Built-in amplifier for powerful, controlled bass output
  • Seamless integration into professional audio setups
  • Sealed enclosure for tight, articulate bass and faster transient response
  • Elimination of port noise for clarity and definition of individual bass notes
  • Exceptionally clean and accurate low-end for critical listening environments
  • All-analog design for warm and rich bass
  • Available in five beautiful colours with a premium, soft-touch, silky matte finish
  • Customisation options available upon request
  • Automatic amplifier shutdown in response to electrical failures, high-frequency signals, or overheating
  • Red LED indicates shutdown, white LED indicates normal operation, and red flashing warns of audio clipping
  • Continuous clipping triggers a protective shutdown

The Telegrapher Elephant is a high-performance, sealed analogue active subwoofer designed to deliver deep, precise bass and powerful performance that surpasses traditional subwoofers.

Built-in Amplifier

Elephant includes a built-in amplifier that ensures powerful, yet meticulously controlled bass output. The precision afforded by the active design allows seamless integration into any professional audio setup, ensuring that the bass response complements the full frequency spectrum without overwhelming it.

Sealed Enclosure

Elephant's sealed enclosure enables tight, articulate bass and faster transient response, eliminating port noise and making it easier to distinguish individual bass notes with clarity and definition. This results in an exceptionally clean, accurate, low-end, vital for critical listening environments.

All-Analogue Design

Elephant features an all-analogue design that delivers warm and rich bass, offering a more immersive and engaging listening experience that digital systems struggle to replicate.

Design and Finish

Elephant is available in five beautiful colours, featuring a premium, soft-touch, silky matte finish.

  • Crow Black
  • Telegrapher Gray
  • Jaipur Orange
  • Menton Yellow
  • Trooper White

For additional customisation options, please get in touch with us

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