Thermionic Culture Phoenix SB

2 Channel Classic Valve Var-Mu Compressor

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£3,212.50 ex VAT
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Original 2 Channel Classic Thermionic Culture Valve Var-Mu Compressor including Side Chain Filters

"  The Phoenix was the first Thermionic Culture product -we’ve put a few little revisions in, but it’s still the same as the original " Vic Keary

Thermionic Culture Phoenix Classic Vari-Mu style British hand made compressor. A beautifully made and wonderful sounding compressor that has found a natural home in many studios looking for warm, clean and musical tube stereo compression with modern features.

This now the standard version, with improvements made over the original as it now contains a Side Chain Filter and a Stand By switch, which allows it to go into a low power mode.

The Side Chain filter operates from 150Hz or 300Hz

Thermionic Culture Phoenix Features:

  • All valve signal path
  • Point to point hand wiring
  • "soft knee" compression, when pushed hard = more compression effects
  • Continuously variable attack, release and threshold controls.
  • Stereo link for Mix Buss Compression use.
  • Push-pull design gives a natural warm sound with high output level.
  • Output trim controls for fine adjustment or lower level operation.
  • Balanced ins and outs with custom made Sowter transformers.
  • Bypass switch on each channel removes all electronics.
  • Standby switch to prolong valve life.
  • Distortion effects can be created with Standby on.
  • Hand Made in UK

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