Thermionic Culture Kite

Stereo tube EQ

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Stereo tube EQ designed to add character to your master or mix bus.

Thermionic Culture The Kite is a stereo tube EQ designed to add character to your master or mix bus.

The Thermionic Culture The Kite features independent Bass boost and Bass cut, top shelf and Air boost. It also includes an Attitude switch that adds 2nd order harmonics and a 12dB/octave high-pass filter.

Bass controls, top-shelf and high-pass filter all offer a choice of two frequencies. All controls are switched for precise settings except for the output trim.

Thermionic Culture The Kite Main Features:

  • All controls are stereo except O/P TRIM and are indented for easy recall
  • HPF (High Pass Filter) operates at 20 & 40Hz with a 12dB/octave curve
  • BASS BOOST and BASS CUT both have 2 selectable operating frequencies,
    which can be used together for a Mid Cut effect
  • TOP SHELF is a broad Mid/Top Lift, a little like a Presence control. Also has 2 frequencies.
  • AIR boosts the higher Top and will give an amazing clear yet warm sound, only available with out valve products
  • ATTITUDE is our own switch that adds those special 2nd harmonics only possible with valves!
  • OUTPUT TRIM - Separate controls to adjust finely the 2 channels, also -6dB switches
  • XLR connectors, "semi-floating" inputs and unbalanced outputs are employed
  • Made in the UK
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