Thermionic Culture Swift EQ

Stereo Valve EQ for Mixbuss and Tracking

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Stereo valve EQ designed for tracking individual instruments or mixbuss applications.

At a glance

  • Shelving bass and treble lift/cut controls at 2 frequencies each
  • Mid cut and lift at 4 frequencies each with three “Q” combinations
  • TC presence and air controls
  • A switchable high pass filter with a special last position which, used with bass lift, can be a very interesting combination
  • Adjustable gain in .75 dB steps
  • Custom-made using the same high quality chassis as the classic Phoenix Compressor
  • Same High Quality Valves (Tubes) as in the Little Red Bustard
  • Hand Made in UK

" You Can Do Anything With A Valve " Vic Keary

The Thermionic Culture The Swift is a stereo valve EQ designed for tracking individual instruments or mixbuss applications.

The Swift is inspired by the 1950’s EMI desks, which Vic Keary modified when working at Lansdown Studios, but includes extended top and low bands. At its core, it uses a Baxandall three-band design augmented by a Presence section which brings a broad band lift to the high-mid range and high frequencies, employing Vic Keary’s 1963 original design on his own console at Chalk Farm Studios. Mid lift controls are inspired by Pultec designs and as such are completely passive and only features a choice of four frequencies and three Q settings.

The Swift includes additional features such as a Mid cut and Air bands, which employ a passive design as well as a high, pass filter. By combining the high-pass filter and the bass lift at 50 or 100Hz it is possible to emulate the classic Pultec 'boost and attenuate' effect.

This powerful EQ boasts four valves including two 5965 on the input and two ECC802S/6189 on the output, and combines the best of USA and UK style EQ designs.

All pots are continuously variable for finer degree of control and has a stunningly quiet noise floor.

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