Thermionic Culture Vulture Super 15 (Balanced)

Anniversary Edition of the Culture Vulture

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£2,650.00 ex VAT
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All-valve stereo distortion and enhancer with new features such as new drive three-way toggle Switch, 15 step drive knob, Function switch for special dynamic tunable mid-lift or drastically-processed harmonics, Presence switch and NOS military-grade tubes

At a glance

  • The original and only all valve rack-mountable Distortion Enhancer.
  • New Drive three-way toggle switch for additional crunch increased brightness
  • Additional Function switch from Musically tuned 'Mid Lift' to 'All Overdrive'
  • More Distortion Effects with new SQ (Squash Mode)
  • 15 Step Drive knob
  • -10dB attenuator
  • NOS (New Old Stock) Military-grade valves
  • Extra output level for better DAW integration
  • Inputs and Outputs on XLR (not Jack)
  • Hand Made in England

" You Can Do Anything With A Valve " Vic Keary

The Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture Super 15 is an all-valve stereo distortion and enhancer with new features over the standard Culture Vulture to celebrate the 15 year Anniversary of Thermionic Culture.

The original Culture Vulture was born out of an idea over a pint in the local pub between Vic Keary and Nick Terry, when they were at Chiswick Reach Studios. The original schematics were sketched on the back of a menu, and the idea was to create a guitar distortion unit, so they didn't need to plug in an amp to record.

Little did they know that this would go on to be one of their most popular Thermionic Culture products!

The Culture Vulture Super 15 features a three-way toggle Switch for Drive ranging from "Normal" to "Overdrive" offering additional crunch and increased brightness.  In addition, the Drive knob features 15 step drive knob adding further attitude to your sound.

Further enhancements include a Function switch adding special dynamic tunable mid-lift to drastically-processed harmonics as well as a two-position Presence switch found on the Solo Vulture. A -10dB attenuator has been added which can be used in conjunction with the Drive +10dB to add further colour options, or simply to compare the different colours.

The Culture Vulture Super 15 features five NOS military-grade valves that are used to provide long-life, low-noise as well as enhanced performance as previously featured in the now discontinued Culture Vulture Mastering Plus.

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