Tierra Audio Lava

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The Tierra Audio Lava Mic Preamp is a single-channel analogue microphone preamplifier designed to bring a warm, rich sound with a natural presence and larger-than-life quality.

The Tierra Audio Lava Mic Preamp adds odd harmonics distortion, which rounds off transients and brings the recorded source to the foreground. As a result, the Lava Mic preamp is ideal for recording vocals, imparting more presence and definition that fits perfectly in a mix.

Lava also works wonders on stringed instruments thanks to its high headroom keeping the vibrance and dynamic range. Lava captures every nuance and detail, all with vibrant colours. Similarly, with bass guitars, Lava delivers a solid and well defined low end that just sits easily in a mix.

All Tierra Audio products are handmade in Madrid, Spain, with evident attention to detail to ensure the correct electron flux of the analogue signal using “through-hole” components. This approach minimises electronic friction, enhances thermal response and avoids background noise.

Lava includes original Carnhill transformers to deliver stable, precise and long-lasting result with no noise. A VU meter provides an accurate display of the analogue signal gain level.

Tierra Audio aims to deliver high-quality equipment with minimum impact on the planet and uses aluminium for durability, lightness, corrosion resistance and thermal insulation, and its ability to be easily recycled. This commitment to the planet is also very apparent with its pure cherry wood faceplate, which comes from sustainable forests and provides superior thermal insulation. Each unit sold will also ensure Tierra Audio plants a tree.

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