TK Audio M/S Station

Advanced mid/side processor

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Meticulously crafted multi-function mastering and main bus processing tool designed to meet the needs of producers and engineers seeking enhanced mid-side processing techniques for stereo expansion and precise mono bass control. Divided into two sections, Section 1 offers precise parallel processing with extensive blend control and the ability to independently process Mid and Side signals in M/S mode. In contrast, Section 2 provides advanced audio manipulation tools, including an elliptical equalizer, stereo width control, and a comprehensive cue function. Users can also unlink the sections for added flexibility in their audio chain. The M/S Station empowers audio professionals to elevate their soundscapes with precision and creativity, making it an extraordinary tool for sonic mastery.

At a glance

  • Multi-function mastering and main bus processing tool
  • Meticulously crafted for mid-side processing techniques
  • Two interconnectable control sections for user-friendly operation
  • Separate blend controls for Mid and Side signals
  • 16 blend control positions for precise soundscaping
  • M/S function for independent processing of Mid and Side signals
  • Blend split function for distinct blend controls
  • Insert cue function for post-blend control monitoring
  • Elliptical Equaliser for mono bass control
  • 12dB high pass filter in side channel
  • Stereo Width Control for precise stereo image adjustment
  • Cue Function with relay-based source selection
  • Ability to unlink Sections 1 and 2 for independent operation
  • Empower users to elevate audio mastering and main bus processing with precision and creativity.

The TK Audio M/S Station is a multi-function mastering and main bus processing tool meticulously crafted to cater to the requirements of producers and engineers seeking to elevate their utilisation of mid-side processing techniques for improved stereo expansiveness, precise mono bass control, and beyond. This device conveniently splits its four discrete functions between two interconnectable control sections for a user-friendly experience, while its sophisticated cue section simplifies monitoring tasks.

Section 1: Precision Parallel Processing

Revolutionise your sound with Section 1, a parallel processor with M/S functionality. Here's where the magic begins. Separate blend controls for the Mid and Side signals grant you absolute control over your audio. The blend control offers an astounding 16 positions, allowing you to seamlessly transition from dry to wet, ensuring the utmost precision in your soundscaping endeavours.

But that's not all – activate the M/S function and watch your audio soar. Your signal is ingeniously coded into Mid (L+R) and Side (L-R), unveiling the essence of your sound. The Mid signal embraces the heart of your mix – the bass, the kick drum, the lead vocal – while the Side signal cradles the nuances that paint your stereo canvas. In M/S mode, you can process these two signals independently, employing diverse processors to fine-tune your masterpiece.

The blend split function sets Section 1 apart, granting you distinct blend controls for both Mid and Side signals. These controls operate in M/S mode before gracefully decoding your signal back to left/right. But wait, there's more! The insert cue function allows you to monitor your signal post-blend control adjustment, ensuring you capture the essence of your sonic vision.

Section 2: Shape Sound Like Never Before

Section 2 is where audio manipulation reaches its zenith. Comprising three integral components, it's your gateway to audio nirvana.

Elliptical Equaliser:

Tame unruly frequencies with finesse. The elliptical EQ redefines precision, making all frequencies below your chosen frequency mono. This technique harks back to the mastering for vinyl era, ensuring your low end remains focused and distortion-free. Say goodbye to unwanted needle skips, thanks to a 12dB high pass filter in the side channel. This filter sets the frequency beneath which mono processing occurs, all while preserving channel separation. The EEQ boasts 16 frequencies, ranging from 36Hz to 302Hz. And with the EEQ cue function, you can monitor your mixed signals between channels.

Stereo Width Control:

Craft your stereo image with meticulous care. Adjust the side information in your mix, gradually transitioning from mono to an expansive, wide panorama. This control lets you fine-tune your stereo image after utilising the M/S insert and EEQ, ensuring spectacular audio.

Cue Function:

Step into the auditory driver's seat. The cue function lets you individually monitor your left, right, mid, or side signal. Activate the cue section's Insert switch to cue the return signal of your parallel inserts by pressing L or R. Remarkably, you can perform this action even when running the two sections independently at different points in your audio chain. Engage the EEQ switch in the cue section to monitor low frequencies moving from left to right or right to left. This cutting-edge cue section employs relays for seamless source selection.

Unleash Your Creativity - Unlink Sections 1 and 2

The M/S Station isn't just about flexibility; it's about shaping your sound in the way that suits you best. We've got you covered if you prefer using the two sections at distinct locations in your audio chain. Remove the four internal jumpers (refer to the provided image); voila – Sections 1 and 2 can operate independently with their dedicated balanced inputs and outputs. The choice is yours, and the possibilities are endless.

Elevate your audio mastering and main bus processing to a new level with the M/S Station. Precision, flexibility, and creativity converge in this extraordinary tool, giving you the power to transform your soundscapes into sonic masterpieces. Don't settle for the ordinary – embrace the extraordinary with the M/S Station.

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