Torso Electronics S-4 Sculpting Sampler

Audio Sampler

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Avant-garde audio device designed for sound artists and enthusiasts. It integrates traditional tape workflows with advanced digital technology, offering four stereo tracks, each endowed with a rich suite of audio devices like samplers, granular processors, and resonators, coupled with an innovative modulation system. This robust tool is versatile, serving various roles from an effects processor to a synthesizer, and is equipped with an intuitive interface, extensive connectivity options, and a sturdy build. Designed to inspire creativity, the S-4 allows users to capture, manipulate, and transform sounds, offering a limitless sonic palette for crafting unique soundscapes and musical compositions.

At a glance

  • Four parallel stereo tracks with a comprehensive audio engine.
  • Includes samplers, live granular processors, morphing resonators, and a variety of audio effects.
  • Unique modulation system with four modulators per track for complex modulation possibilities.
  • Integrated microphone and stereo line input for on-the-fly sound capture and sample loading.
  • Four gigabytes of internal flash storage for extensive sample libraries.
  • Functions as an effects processor, tape machine, live looper, sample player, or textural synthesizer.
  • Equipped with durable RGB buttons and a high-resolution 3.5-inch LCD color display.
  • Comprehensive connectivity including USB-C, MIDI in/out, stereo input/output, and expandable I/O options.
  • Powered by a quad-core 1.5 GHz processor for smooth operation.
  • 4 GB of flash memory and supports 24-bit / 48 kHz stereo audio input and output.
  • Housed in a matte black aluminum casing for durability and sleek aesthetics.

The Torso Electronics S-4 Sculpting Sampler is a revolutionary device designed to redefine the boundaries of audio manipulation. Merging the nostalgic workflows of tape-era technology with the prowess of modern innovation, the S-4 stands as a futuristic platform, ideal for creating distinctive soundscapes and compositions. Whether you're working with samples or real-time audio, the S-4 promises an unparalleled experience in sound mangling.

For the Sonic Explorer

The S-4 isn't just a device; it's a journey for sonic explorers. Featuring four parallel stereo tracks, each track is powered by an advanced audio engine. This engine encompasses high-fidelity audio devices, including samplers, live, granular processors, morphing resonators, and a comprehensive suite of audio effects. With a unique modulation system, the S-4 offers four modulators per track, ensuring limitless modulation possibilities. Capture sounds instantly with the integrated microphone and stereo line input, or delve into the extensive four-gigabyte internal flash storage.

Versatility at its Core

The S-4 is a true chameleon in the audio world. Use it as an effects processor to add depth and texture to your beats. Transform it into a tape machine for capturing the essence of your environment, or a live looper for on-the-fly creativity. Embrace it as a classic sample player, or morph it into a textural synthesizer. The possibilities are endless.

Engineered for the Creative Mind

Each of the four parallel stereo tracks of the S-4 comes equipped with a chain of five specialized audio devices, crafted to cater to specific sonic needs. From creating shimmering textures to evolving synth sounds, the S-4's playful toolbox is your gateway to sculpting unique sample material and live audio.

Innovative Modulation System

Breathe life into every parameter with the S-4's intricate modulation system. Each track boasts four configurable modulators, allowing for cross-modulation and a wide array of modulator types including complex LFOs, generative sequencers, and envelopes.

Seamless Connectivity

Crafted with precision, the S-4 boasts durable RGB buttons, a high-quality 3.5-inch LCD display, and comprehensive USB connectivity for effortless file transfers and integration with class-compliant devices. It doubles as an audio interface, simplifying your setup and expanding your creative horizon.

Technical Excellence

The S-4 is powered by a quad-core 1.5 GHz processor, complemented by 4 GB of flash memory. It supports 24-bit / 48 kHz stereo audio input and output, and offers an extensive range of I/O options including line inputs/outputs, a built-in microphone, MIDI in/out, and more. Encased in a sleek matte black aluminum body, the S-4 is as durable as it is elegant.

Embark on a journey with The Torso Electronics S-4 Sculpting Sampler, where every sound tells a story, and every knob turn opens a new dimension. Pre-order now and redefine your sonic landscape!

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