Torso Electronics T-1 algorithmic sequencer


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Redefines music sequencing by merging advanced parameter-driven algorithms with musical constraints, offering an unprecedented level of control and creativity in composition. This innovative sequencer allows users to sculpt compositions intricately, providing a suite of features like Euclidean rhythm generation, arpeggiating pattern creation, and melodic structure modulation through pitch and scales. It also incorporates extensive randomisation capabilities for endless musical variations, seamless integration with external devices and software through Ableton Link, and robust connectivity options. With its user-friendly interface and versatile performance tools, the T-1 is designed for both intricate studio work and dynamic live performances, making it an essential tool for modern musicians and producers.

At a glance

  • Craft intricate Euclidean rhythms, inject repeating notes, and construct arpeggiating patterns and melodious structures.
  • Introduce random modulation to every parameter across each track. Lock this randomness into loops for heightened control.
  • Alter the musical feel by adjusting the timing and emphasis of notes.
  • Utilise the 16 polyphonic tracks to build chords. Navigate through harmonies and confine notes to musical scales.
  • Access a vast library of patterns, with 16 banks each containing 16 patterns, amounting to 256 patterns readily available for use.

The Torso Electronics T-1 represents a paradigm shift in music sequencing, employing algorithms driven by parameters, underpinned by musical constraints. This fusion offers granular, dynamic control over every facet of your composition and paves the way for profound musical journeys and the creation of astonishing musical architectures.

Sculpting Compositions with Precision

Torso Electronics T-1's innovative approach reimagines the interaction with sequencers. T-1 allows you to mould your composition through a suite of parameters, akin to sculpting sound on a synthesiser. The interface is crafted for seamless and evolving workflows, empowering you to modulate melodies and rhythms fluently.

In-depth Features

Euclidean rhythms are the cornerstone of rhythm generation in T-1, utilising the powerful Euclidean algorithm. This tool is adept at evenly distributing a specified number of pulses across a given number of steps in a rhythmic cycle. The ability to modify the number of pulses, the number of steps, and the rotation of the cycle allows for the emulation of nearly any traditional rhythm. Moreover, the platform offers the additional capability to add or remove pulses, reminiscent of a conventional step sequencer.

The note-repeater is another standout component of T-1, facilitating the creation of repeating and arpeggiating patterns. Users can tailor the number and timing of repeats and refine their creations by choosing from various arrangements and voicings. This flexibility enables the production of traditional arpeggiator styles and more innovative patterns.

Regarding melodic structures and scales, T-1 is in its element. The system permits the locking of notes into musical scales, paving the way for the generation of melodies through the modulation of pitch with different melody phrases and looping sequences. Both preset and customisable scales are supported, ensuring melodies and chords can be skilfully transformed through scaling and transposition, with melody and pitch modules.

Randomisation is another powerful feature of T-1, presenting limitless opportunities for musical variation. This function allows for the randomisation of every track parameter, enabling users to add anything from slight nuances to a complete sound overhaul. For enhanced modulation control, random sequences can be looped and scaled. These loops can also be set to evolve gradually, adding layers of complexity and variation to the composition over time.

Linking and Synchronisation

T-1 harnesses the power of Ableton Link over WiFi, ensuring seamless synchronisation of beat, phase, and tempo across your DAW and Link-enabled devices and apps. This feature mimics the dynamic interaction of a live band, allowing for independent control of devices while maintaining a cohesive musical experience. Tempo adjustments are universally adopted, ensuring a unified and harmonious performance.

Performance and Connectivity

T-1 shines in live performance settings, offering an array of tools designed for spontaneous and creative musical expressions. Rapid and radical composition changes can be effortlessly achieved, allowing real-time parameter adjustments across one or multiple tracks. These adjustments can be saved or reverted, providing a flexible platform for exploring musical progressions and variations.

The connectivity of T-1 is a significant asset, allowing it to integrate seamlessly with a diverse range of devices. Whether connecting to a DAW or soft synths via USB, interfacing with hardware through MIDI ports, or linking with analogue and modular gear through CV, T-1 is a versatile hub. With 16 channels and tracks, it can control multiple instruments simultaneously, making it an indispensable tool for expansive and compact setups.

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