Tree Audio The Branch II Tube Channel Strip

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3U, All valve channel strip including mic preamp, EQ and Limiter based on their Roots Mixing Desk

The Tree Audio The Branch II is a 3U, all valve channel strip with a mic preamp, EQ and limiter taken directly from their highly popular and uncompromising Roots mixing consoles.


The Tree Audio The Branch ‘s mic pre section includes microphone and line (Direct) input with a variable gain select and a large level knob for gain offering precise setting of the gain input stage. The preamp stage also boasts a four position HP filter switch offering a choice of three frequencies (80Hz, 125Hz, 250Hz). A three position Input Impedance is also provided. High-quality toggle switches for +48V Phantom Power and Pad (-10dB and -20dB).


Following the mic preamp is a two-band EQ allowing the user to shape the low and high frequencies of the incoming sound delivering up to +/-6dB of gain. LF centre frequencies include 50Hz, 80Hz, 100Hz and 400Hz. The four position High Frequency control include 7k Hz, 10 kHz, 12k Hz and 16k Hz. These frequencies have been chosen to give presence to your source without adding harshness.


The final stage of this vacuum channel strip sees the limiter which uses the same circuitry design of the highly popular Inward Connection TSL-4. The limiter is on the Branch is easily set with the Gain Reduction knob. A 250Hz High-pass filter is included in the side-chain to avoid the limiter to be triggered unwittingly by low-end frequencies. Simply use the three-way toggle switch to bypass, activate the limiter or engage the limiter with side-chain.


Designed to the highest standard, the Tree Audio The Branch boasts custom wound input and output transformers as well as a vacuum tube power supply and delivers uncompromising sound quality.


Tree Audio The Branch Overview:

  • Direct Input
  • Big Knob Level Pot
  • 80Hz, 125Hz, 250Hz Hi Pass Filter
  • Variable Gain Select
  • Output Level pot
  • Input Impedance Select: 37.5, 150, 600 Ohms
  • EQ LO Level 50Hz,80Hz,100Hz, 400Hz
  • EQ HI Level 7K, 10K, 12K, 16K
  • Limiter Switch (Out, In, HPF) 250Hz
  • Gain Reduction Level (Limiter)
  • Line, Mic, Reverse Phase Switch
  • Pad Switch Off (Off, -10, -20db)
  • Mute Switch
  • +48Vdc Phantom Power Switch
  • Meter Select (Input, Gain Reduction, Output)
  • Custom Wound Input and Output Transformers
  • Complete Unit Comes in 3-Rack Space Box
  • Includes Vaccuum Tube and Linear Regulated Power Supply
  • Same High Quality Sound and Circuitry as The Roots Console
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