Tree Audio The Roots II 16 Channel


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16-channel valve and hybrid recording console based around an all valve channel strip design, balanced inserts 4 aux sends and 4 500 series slots.

The Tree Audio The Roots 16 Gen II is a 16-channel version of the Roots.

The Tree Audio Roots Gen II is an eight-channel valve and hybrid recording console based around an all-valve channel strip design, balanced inserts, four aux sends and four 500 series slots.

The Tree Audio Roots 16 Gen II has all-tube EQ and limiter, mic pre with line-in, filter and metering. The EQ section uses aBaxandall-type curve with controls over low and high bands for quick sound shaping, while the limiter uses an optical design with a simple knob to control the amount. A three-way toggle switch engages the limiter and activates the side-chain 6dB/oct 250Hz high-pass filter.

The Mic preamp provides up to 60dB of gain and is complemented with a direct output trim. A selectable high-pass offers a choice of three frequencies: 80Hz, 125Hz and 250Hz. At the same time, an input transformer impedance selection lets you find the best impedance to match your microphone or even provide different tonalities.

At the top are four aux sends with the option to set each pair as Pre or Post (or Off). These can be sent to the 500 Series section, where a 500 series mix bus compressor or other modules can be added.

The Roots II also uses a fully regulated tube linear power supply.

Tree Audio Roots 16 Gen II Main Features:

  • 16-channel, tube/hybrid, full-featured, recording console
  • All tube and transformer mic pre/line input / DI / EQ and limiter
  • 4 - aux sends / 4 - 500 series slots / Full featured master section
  • Balanced inserts on all channels and stereo buss
  • Fully regulated tube linear power supply
  • Hand-built in the USA.

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