Tree Audio The Roots 500 8-channel w/ channel monitor

8-channel, tube/hybrid recording console with 500 Series slots


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8-channel tube/hybrid recording console with full-featured master section and fully regulated tube high-voltage linear power supplies

The Tree Audio The Roots 500 is an eight-channel valve and hybrid recording console with all tube and transformer input modules mic pre/line input / DI and 500 Series slots

The Tree Audio The Roots 500 boasts two 500 series slots per channel to located above each input module offering a total of 20 modules. It also includes a stereo buss 4 group/busses and 4 aux sends as well as a meter on each channel.

An 8-channel monitor section with 4 aux sends is also included offering a total of 16 channels on mixdown. It also boasts a full-featured master section.

The Roots 500 also uses a fully regulated tube high-voltage linear power supply.

Tree Audio Roots 500 Main Features:

  • 8-channel, tube/hybrid, full-featured, recording console
  • All tube and transformer mic pre / line input / DI
  • Two 500 Series Slots above each input module
  • Stereo buss 4 group/ busses / 4 - aux sends
  • Eight channel monitor section with 4 Aux sends
  • Full-featured master section
  • Balanced inserts on all channels and stereo buss
  • Fully regulated tube high voltage linear power supply
  • Hand-built in the USA.
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