Tree Audio The Roots Jnr


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8-channel valve mixer sidecar designed to complement the Roots console based on the highly popular 820 side car

The Tree Audio The Roots Jr is a 8-channel valve mixer sidecar designed to complement the Roots console.

A reproduction of the famous 820 8-channel sidecar, the Roots Jr features nonetheless some additional features such as additional frequencies and more level control in the EQ section, a built-in limiter with a 250Hz, 6dB/oct hi-pass filter on each channel.

Each channel features balanced mic/line inputs over XLR, HI-Z instrument input and a direct line output. A VU meter can be switched to display input and output levels as well as gain reduction. The preamp section includes Polarity reversal, three-way toggle switch Pad offering a choice between no/-15dB/-20dB Pad.

The 2-way EQ section covers 50Hz, 80Hz, 100Hz and 400Hz for the LF section and 7kHz, 10kHz, 12kHz and 16kHz. The built-in limiter includes a gain reduction control. Each channel features Mute, On and solo switches.

Tree Audio The Roots Jr Overview:

  • All Valve Mixer side Car based on the highly popular 820
  • All-Valve Preamp, EQ et Limiter full tube on each channel
  • Additional Frequencies for additional EQ and Level controls
  • Built-in Limiter with 250Hz @ 6dB per octave hi-pass filter  on every channel
  • balanced mic/line inputs / hi-Z input / line output on each channel
  • VU meter switchable showing line in / gain reduction / line out
  • Valve controlled Power Supply
  • HF Frequencies: 7, 10, 12 & 16 kHz
  • LF Frequencies50, 80, 100 & 400 Hz
  • Gain Reduction control for the limiter
  • Limiter Switch (OUT, IN , HPF 250 Hz , 6dB / Oct)
  • Source selection: Line, Mic, Polarity reversed Mic Input
  • 3-way toggle Switch for Pad (OFF, -15 & -20dB)
  • Mute, ON , Solo for each channel
  • Big ELMA Level control knob
  • Hi-Z direct input

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