Trident A-Range 2 channel pre/EQ

The definitive dual channel strip, mic preamplifier and EQ.

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Dual-channel rack-mounted mic preamp and EQ of the legendary Trident A-Range console

At a glance

A 2-channel version of the original Trident A-Range console Based on the original all-discrete, transistor-based circuitryt Balanced inputs and outputs ensure the highest sound quality Independent preamplifiers that are perfect for both microphones and line-level sources

The Trident A-Range is a dual-channel rack-mounted mic preamp and EQ of the legendary Trident A-Range console. Only 13 models have ever been built and as a result of its rarity and its stunning preamp and colourful EQ, it has a cult following with many artists and producers

 The Trident A-Range gives you the sound of this coveted console in a standalone package.  The mic preamp is sonically rich and detailed and delivers enough power to power all microphones including ribbon microphones. It can also work with line level signals for mixing.

 The Equaliser section uses inductor based low-mid and high-mid bands that defined the sound of the original console. Each of the four band offers a choice of four frequencies and 15dB of boost/cut.

 It also boasts two insert points that can be switched between pre- and post-EQ to add your favourite processor. LED meters are provided between each section to quickly display the overall gain staging ensuring that the signal is not distorting anywhere in the chain.

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