Trident A Range EQ 500

500 Series EQ based on the Trident A Range console

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Faithful recreation of the legendary EQ found on the Trident A range console and adapted for the 500 series format.

The Trident A-Range 500 EQ is a faithful recreation of the legendary EQ found on the Trident A range console and adapted for the 500 series format. It delivers the same low end punch and open high frequencies that have made this rare console so desirable.

The Trident A-Range 500 EQ has four bands each with four selectable frequencies and its dedicated fader providing up to 15dB of boost of cut. The mid frequency EQ sections use peaking bells while both low and high bands are shelves. In addition, the A-Range also includes both High-pass and Low pass filters with selectable frequencies which can be activated together or independently offering a choice of 9 frequency points.

Line level input and outputs are both balanced to ensure maximum signal integrity and high output level with minimal distortion. a LED peak level indicator is also provided to indicate when the level is too high.


About the Trident A-Range Console:

The Trident A-Range Console was designed for legendary Trident Studios, located here in London. The original intent behind this console was to create a console that could facilitate a 24-track tape machine that the studio wanted to use while keeping the console small enough to fit in their control room.

Only 13 models have ever been built and as a result of its rarity and its stunning preamp and colourful EQ, it has a cult following with many artists, producers including Portishead who are the proud owner of this stunning console.

Other notable artists who used this console include David Bowie, Rod Stewart and Frank Sinatra.

Trident A-Range 500 EQ Main Features: Input impedance: 10 kohm balanced Common mode rejection: 70 dB Equivalent input noise: -85 dBu (unweighted, no boost or cut) Distortion: 0.05% (+4 dBu output, 1 kHz) Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz (-1 dB) Boost / Cut range: ±15 dB (variable) Filter Q value: 1.3 (1 octave) Maximum input level: +22 dBu Max output before clip: +28 dBu (10 k load) Nominal output level: +4 dBu (electronically balanced) Output impedance: 100 ohms Output noise floor: -85 dBu (typical, unweighted) Peak LED threshold: +16 dBu I/O connections XLR: pin 2 +, pin 3 -, pin 1 ground Current requirement: 130 mA (maximum) per rail

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