Trinnov D-MON 6 inc 3D mic

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The Trinnov D-Mon 6 is a monitor controller with Trinnov's renowned room correction technology and EUCON integration.

The Trinnov D-Mon 6 has 6 speaker outputs and can cater for stereo and 5.1 surround configurations. The D-Mon 6 can be used to select from several pair of speakers such as nearfield and main speakers or monitor in a 5.1

Optimizer Technology

The D-Mon 6 includes Trinnov's powerful Optimizer Technology room correction that delivers extensive correction of your monitors and optimises their response in the room.

Introduced in 2006, Trinnov's technology has rapidly gained a glowing reputation as one of the best room correction solutions available.

Avid Integration with EUCON

Through the Trinnov App, the D-Mon offers enhanced compatibility letting you control your monitoring directly from your EUCON control surface. With a full integration with Avid control surfaces such as the S6, S5, S3, dock as well as the older D-Command and D-Control, D-Mon feels part of your Avid system, not an add-on

The optional La Remote controller gives access to all monitoring function at the press of a button without leaving the sweet spot. All buttons are customisable to suit your workflow and the remote can easily be set via Trinnov's web-based configuration software. It also includes a talkback microphone as well as a dedicated volume control for headphones.

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