Universal Audio Golden Reverberator Guitar pedal

Studio Reverb Guitar Pedal

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Stereo modulation pedal offering a choice of Chorus, Flanger and Tremolo effects as well as true and buffered bypass, presets and downloadable sounds.

At a glance

  • Flagship modulation pedal with powerful dual-processor UAFX engine
  • Three timeless modulation effects, with secondary modes and settings
  • Simple Live/Preset modes for instant recall of your favourite sound
  • Additional downloadable effects by the world-renowned UAD algorithm team
  • True or buffered bypass,* silent switching
  • Classic UA analogue design and craftsmanship, built to last decades

The UAFX Golden Reverberator is a stereo reverb pedal design to provide a choice of spring, plate and vintage digital modes.

The UAFX Golden Reverberator has been designed by the popular team of engineers at Universal Audio. It boasts a powerful dual-processor architecture to recreate some of the most sonically authentic spring, plate and old-school digital reverbs. 

The Golden Reverberator delivers a wide range of sounds from dense sound of old plates from the 1950’s, classic 1960’s guitar amp spring reverbs and the unique characterful sound of early digital reverbs. 

It offers three modes to recreate classic reverbs:

Spring 65: This mode recreates the sound of three classic spring reverb tanks found on classic American guitar amps

Plate 140: This mode recreates the rich sound of the EMT 140 plate captured at the Iconic Record Palt studio

Hall 224: This mode perfectly recreates the sound of three digital reverb algorithms from the 1970’s.

Additional effects are also available upon registration. Once registered, users will receive a free Chamber 224 and Vintage digital plates effects for additional colour options

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