United Studio Technologies Replay Box

Reamping Box

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Advanced reamping device that offers clean gain, versatile tones, true-ground isolation, and both transparent and harmonic circuits to suit a variety of professional audio needs.

At a glance

  • Adds clean gain without preamps or boost pedals
  • True-ground isolation to avoid ground-loop hum
  • Two custom transformer circuits for flexible tones
  • Transparent circuit with a 5043 step-up transformer for signal isolation and noise rejection
  • Harmonic circuit for added colouration and character
  • Delivers 3 dB of gain on top of its 4 dB input

The United Studio Technologies Replay Box is an innovative device that allows live and studio engineers to add clean gain to tracks and instruments without relying on preamps or boost pedals, which typically introduce noise.

True-Ground Isolation Design

Replay Box employs an intuitive true-ground isolation design, effectively eliminating the ground-loop hum often associated with reamping devices. This feature makes it an essential tool for professionals seeking pristine sound quality.

Custom Transformer Circuits

Replay Box caters to many users, from tone-obsessed instrumentalists to intricate sound designers, by incorporating two custom transformer circuits. These circuits provide generous gain, versatile tones, and sonic voicing.

Transparent Circuit

The transparent circuit of Replay Box features a custom-wound 5043 step-up transformer, delivering exceptional signal isolation and noise rejection. It adds a full 3 dB of gain on top of its 4 dB input, enabling it to effortlessly drive any amp, pedal, or processor.

Harmonic Circuit

In contrast, the harmonic circuit focuses on delivering more colouration, fattening, and overall character during the re-amping stage. It offers a steep gain ratio with a gentle high-pass roll-off, adding flavourful phase distortion around the sub-bass region for warm and aggressive tones.

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