Universal Audio 4-710D

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The Universal Audio 4-710d is a 4-channel mic preamp taken directly from the 710 Twin-Finity dual topology mic preamp with added 1176-style compression and eight-channel AD conversion.


The Universal Audio 4-710d boasts the same dual topology design as the Twin-finity, combining a pristine Class A FET preamp circuit and a separate Class A triode valve preamp. A tone-blending control then lets you blend the two perfectly phased aligned signals to taste thanks to the included tone blending knob. Each of the four mic preamps enables you to choose individually between the clean and open sound of the 100% solid-state or the thicker and rounder sound of the tube signal path, and anything in between. You can now get the best of both worlds in a convenient and powerful package.

The 4-710d sees the addition of a newly designed 1176 style compressor/soft limiter on each channel with a choice of fast and slow settings based on the most popular settings of the iconic compressor it takes inspiration from.

The 4-710 also includes a 24-bit A/D converter up to 24-bit 192kHz. The converter technology is taken directly from their highly popular 2192 Master converter which is still very popular in the recording world. It lets you digitise eight-channel in total and includes an additional four line-level inputs at the back for other instruments if necessary. With both ADAT "light pipe" or AES/EBU via DB-25 connectors, the 4-710d easily integrates with any recording setup.

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